Customer stories


We’ve had the privilege to create 10.000+ Sportymaps prints for our customers all over the world. But behind each print is a very personal story.
In this part of the website we try to give some insight in the stories behind the prints with short interviews of our customers.

“Before I was going to run the marathon I already knew: that print will be added to my wall!”

~ Marcus, The Netherlands

I really liked the design; that a line can be very simple and yet very significant for someone that has run a marathon

~ Benjamin, Mexico

I’m most proud of the poster from the Sevilla Marathon where I qualified for the Olympics. That marathon will always be something special for me…

~ Thijs, Denmark

“I am often just looking at the poster thinking in a nostalgic way about that hot day in July 2020 on the Mont Ventoux”

~ Wim, The Netherlands

“All my Sportymaps posters are dear to me, but the most special one has to be that of the Tokyo Marathon”

~ Hedwig, The Netherlands

“They motivate me a lot and remind me of my achievements. The Sportymaps prints have also become somewhat of a collector’s item for me. I have left space for my next ones”

~ Celia, Norway

Sportymaps customers on instagram

It was exactly what I was looking for! The minimalist graphics are absolutely ingenious and also customizable

~ Rainer, Germany

“I was looking for cool and original cycling posters for my shop windows and that’s how I came to Sportymaps”

~Tijs (Tijs Oogmode), The Netherlands

“… it’s a good way for my guests to fall into my trap and allow me to talk about my running!”

~ Ayodeji, United Kingdom

“I had the pleasure of running several marathons, of course I am very proud of these achievements and I definitely wanted to give them a place in my house. The Sportymaps are clear and beautiful and often make me dream of these races”

~ Roel, Belgium

“My favorite print is definitely the one from the Ironman I did in Hamburg in 2019”

~ Melanie, Germany

I realized that it would be nice to see every day a reminder of the difficult climbs to these monuments

~ Michal, Czech Republic

“… it was clear to me that after this challenge I would reward myself with such an individual and great memento”

~ Michael, Germany